By Laws

United Zo Organization (Kentucky)
By-Laws & Constitutions

Article 1
1.1 Name: On July 3, 2011, UZO Kentucky was formed and it is known as United Zo Organization (Kentucky) as well as UZO (KY) in abbreviation.

Article 2
2.1 Purpose - The United Zo Organization - Kentucky is organized exclusively for Charitable, Literary purposes. The purpose of UZO - KY is to organize the Zo people in Kentucky State, to help and support one another in social affairs such as Life and death, to maintain Zo literary, its cultures, tradition and custom. The UZO- KY include those who entered the United States, especially, who have been settled here through relief organization such as, Catholic Charities, Refugee Resettlement, etc. Members are encourage to participate as much as possible.

Article 3 (Member)
3. 1 Voting Membership – Those above 18 years of age, who pay membership fees to the community are only allowed to vote at the election and only after one year of becoming a member, he or she can be nominated as an EC Committee Member.

3.1.1 Annual Fee
In regards to the annual fee of the organization, the fee is 30$ per family and 20$ per single. The collection period is from January 1st to March 31st. Every member is obliged to pay the annual fee during this time frame! If every new comer encounters death within three months before he or she gets a job, he will be considered as an active member. However, after three months of arrival or residence, the membership list will have to be checked!

3.1.2 Membership Fee
With regard to membership fee, it is decided to collect $5 for membership fee to every individual person who becomes a member of the Organization.

3.2 Non-Voting Membership – Those who do not pay membership are not authorized to vote at the Organization election. On top of that, they are also not permitted to attend the UZO (KY) Meeting. When it comes to amending the bylaws of the Organization, only the active members who pay annual fee and membership fee can discuss about the amendment of the bylaws.

3.3 Resignation and Termination – Whoever wants to withdraw from the membership of UZO Kentucky and wants to move to another state has to inform the EC Members. Despite the fact that they no longer join the Organization and move to another State, the Membership Fee, the Foundation fee and the Annual Fee will not be returned to them.

3.4 Note: An active member of UZO KY will forfeit the benefits of the organization at his/her death if he or she knowingly joins and enrolls in other alien communities. And, UZO KY is not countable for him or her!

Article 4 (Meeting)
4.1 Meeting – In connection with holding meetings, there will be a meeting every four months. We will have meetings in February, June, and October. Locations and time will be decided upon the agreement of the EC members.

4.1.1 Special Meeting (Emergency)
In regards to emergency meetings, the EC members will notify the community members based on circumstances.

4.1.2 Notice of Meeting
In regards to notice of meeting, community will be informed of the meeting to be two weeks in advance by phone. Cancellation of meetings due to bad weather will be notified in time.
4.1.3 Conduct of Meeting

Every UZO Kentucky member is required to show due respect upon one another during the meeting and the meeting participants should keep meeting decisions confidential if they tend to be restricted to be known to outsiders/people.

Article 5. Benefits
Member Benefits
5.1 Benefits – An active member of UZO Kentucky, who pays Membership fund, Annual fee will be provided $2000 if/when he or she dies. The 2000$ will be collected among its families and divided per family.

(A) If/when one of the Myanmar community members in Kentucky State, who is non UZO-KY member, passes away, a basket of sympathy flower will be granted for the sake of sorrow.

5.1.1 Congratulations – Either a high schooler who completes high school or a graduate of any college or university will be granted a letter of acknowledgement and for those who has achieved scholarship will be granted $100 for their achievements under the name of UZO Kentucky.

5.1.2 Wedding – If a Zo youth marries a Zo lady within the members of UZO Kentucky, $200 will be provided in a way of showing support and appreciations.

Article 6
Board of Director (EC)
6.1 Executive Council – Following the UZO KY EC member, it was decided to have 7 members. All these seven EC members will be in charge of UZO KY and we will move forward under their leadership.

6.2 Election
Election will be held every two years and only full members are allowed to vote at the election. Leaders will be nominated from among the full members of UZO KY.

Article 7 – Officers
7.1 State Chairman and Vice State Chairman, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and Auditor are known as the officers of UZO KY.

7.1.1 State Chairman/ President – State Chairman is responsible to take care of relationship with UZO, USA. With the plans of Chairman together with the agreement of all the EC members, the organization will be functioning.

7.1.2 Vice Chairman / President – Vice Chairman together with the agreement of the EC members will be undertaking all the matters of UZO KY if/when the Chairman is not available.

7.1.3 Secretary - A Secretary helps record at a meeting and keeps all the various files of information over the organization. He informs members all the meeting related matters by phone.

7.1.4 Assistant Secretary – An assistant Secretary is to assist Secretary in everything and at the absence of Secretary, he helps record meeting decisions. Unless a Secretary can get things done, he will cooperate with him.

7.1.5 Treasurer – A treasurer keeps all the money of the organization and he is not supposed to plan anything when it comes to spending money without the knowledge of President and Secretary and he needs to keep all the receipts of expenses and he also needs to report all the financial expenses at annual meetings.

7.1.6 Assistant Treasurer - Assistant treasurer will be provided to treasurer regarding financial issues and office stuff. 

7.1.7 Auditor
Auditors need to check the list of all the expenses of the organization.

Article 8 - Fiscal Year
8.1 Fiscal Year - Fiscal year of United Zo organization - Kentucky shall be August to August of each year.

8.2 Dissolution - Dissolution provision of the Organization is rely on the operation of state law in the state in which we are formed for organization’s dissolution provision.